Britain, Europe and the World

Britain, Europe and the World

My vision for Britain is that of a confident, progressive and outward looking country. 

Delivering on Brexit doesn't only mean respecting the result of the referendum, it means creating a new relationship with the EU, Europe and the World. It means creating new partnerships from old relationships within Europe, and harnessing the opportunities that the return of sovereignty and control to Britain will provide. 

And it means trusting the creativity and ingenuity of the British people to seize those opportunities, overcome the challenges, and deliver a successful, truly global, Britain.

A speedy delivery of an orderly Brexit is vital to the democratic interests of the UK, but once we leave the EU I fully expect that it will remain one of our most important strategic relationships and our biggest trading partner. Maintaining and enhancing our relationship with our partners in the EU and smoothing the path to our future relationship will be key to British interests post-Brexit. 

Whilst we work on delivering a Brexit which works for the whole country, our focus must be on protecting the interests of British businesses and industries within the EU, particularly the nationally important agricultural and fishing industries as well as our vital financial services industry.